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Turning your Digital Health
vision into reality

H.Core is a rapid-development software framework specifically designed by healthcare technology professionals for the needs of the healthcare industry.

The H.Core framework has all the features needed to efficiently transform business requirements into market-ready and regulatory-compliant personal health data solutions delivered on budget and on time.

Security First

GDPR-ready governance of sensitive data in line
with best practices

Made for Healthcare

Designed specifically by healthcare and life science industry experts

Fast to Market

Pre-built components
ready for integration into
proprietary architectures


Identity Management

User registration, validation, account management, multi-factor authentication


Oauth2-based access control policy for secure implementation on a wide class of devices

Access Delegation

Sharing of personal data with other individuals pending validated owner consent


Tracking of all operations requests integrated with enterprise-level log managenent tools

Usage Tracking

Monitoring of user/platform interactions for individual profiling and aggregate statistics


Ready to plug-in with common messaging protocols (SMS, e-mail, push notifications)

Wearables Integration

Collect measurements from personal health devices enabling remote patient care

API Security

Designed as service architecture with built-in protection measures on exposed endpoints

The right solution for

Combining the quality and mantainability of enterprise-level solution
with the flexibility and agility required by novel ventures,
fostering innovation in Healthcare at fastest pace.

  1. Insurance
  2. Life Science
  3. Healthcare providers
  4. Startups



    Video conferencing technology empowers clinicians to interact with patients even when in-person encounter is not viable, opening new frontiers in the delivery of healthcare services. Virtual meetings rely upon safe transmission channels and ensure no sensitive data is stored on the platform, preserving the level of confidentiality required for a medical encounter.

  • MEET

    Meet is a group of functionalities supporting the clinical encounter end-to-end scenario. Management of agenda, definition of appointment slots, tracking of encounter status, sharing of personal health data with healthcare professionals, all designed around data protection principles.

  • PHR

    Building an electronic application through which patients can maintain and manage and share their structured health information, in a private, secure, and confidential environment, is a few steps away with the Patient Health Record module. Custom sections of the record and different levels of persmissions are configured to meet specific access policy requirements.


    Collecting unstructured medical records, such as images, documents and other class of files, then making them readily available as required to the clinical team is the key to a new patient journey experience. Keeping them safe in transit and at rest with state-of-the-art encryption is essential for making it happen.


    Building a clinical framework aims to empower the patient to manage his condition by targeting quantitative goals shared with clinical team, tracking adherence to prescriptions, measuring treatment effectiveness and eventually sharing results. H.Core provides the tools to orchestrate the patient journey for maximizing the treatment outcome and the benefit for the organization.

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