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Turn your health innovation ideas into reality

H.Core is a rapid-development software framework designed by healthcare technology experts for the specific needs of the healthcare industry

H.Core helps you build, test, and deliver your next Digital Medicines or DTx project on budget and on time thanks to its rich feature set that efficiently transforms business requirements into market-ready and regulatory compliant solutions
Fast to Market

Save an average of 8 months using H.Core Framework compared to develop a fully standalone platform

Security by design

GDPR/HIPAA-ready governance of sensitive data in line with best practices

Tailored for Digital Medicines & DTx

Designed specifically to solve common challenges of Digital Medicine and Digital Therapeutics solutions


Features set:


Webservices leverage a modern Oauth2 authorization scheme with secure cryptographically signed token.
Map organizational responsibilities into permissions through role-based access control.
Code quality and security standing is periodically hardened by means of static analysis, vulnerability assessment, and penetration testing.
All individual personal health data is protected through encryption or pseudonymization.


Track all data processing authorization grants from your users according to GDPR.
Individual delegation of access regulated by explicit consent.
Modular achitecture promoting privacy-by-design through segregation of duties.
Streamline your regulatory strategy efforts to achieve compliance with ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 13485 and SaMD certifications.
Facilitate compliance to traceability and application monitoring requirements.

Data-driven & Analytics

Develop data-driven clinical workflows from patient onboarding to personalized support programs.
Integrate data flows from wearable and portable devices to enable remote monitoring and smart decision systems.

Ready-to-go Modules


Promote compliance to treatment plans covering all aspects from prescription management to monitoring of patient adherence. Embed pill reminder functionalities into patient applications by leveraging medication notifications mechanisms.


Meet offers a set of functionalities that support medical consultations end-to-end, including support for video conferencing technology. From the management of the consultation topics, to the scheduling of the medical visit, tracking any follow-ups, and the exchange of personal health data with other professionals in the care team. All the features are designed around strict data privacy and protection principles and requirements.

Patient Health Record

EHR module through which patients can maintain and manage and share their structured health information, in a private, secure, and confidential environment. Custom sections of the record and different levels of permissions are configured to meet flexible access policy configurations and requirements

File Bucket

Storing and sharing unstructured medical information for a wider clinical support team is the essential for the new patient journey experience. Managing documents such as medical records, diagnostic images, lab reports, health documents and other clinical files and keeping them safe in storage and transit with state-of-the-art encryption is key to launching innovative health programs

Patient Journey Builder

Guide patients through comprehensive treatment and measuring plans by sequencing activities and evaluation points while adapting to one's individual pace. H.Core provides the tools to orchestrate the patient journey for maximizing the treatment outcome and the benefit for the entire care organization

Headless CMS

Host and distribute any content item powering your digital solution with ease and across any platform, with built-in internationalization. Streamline the process of content editing and publishing through a simple web interface.

Consent Tracking

Secure your data processing by maintaining versions of your policies and collecting the relevant consent from users in a compliant way (freely given, informed, specific and revocable).

Survey Manager

Creating and handling results of complex questionnaires for patient screening, quality of life assessments, calculation of risk scores and integration with the health records are a few steps away with this component.

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